Desert Wells Multiuse Area

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Address and Directions:
Nearest City: Phoenix, A

From Phoenix, AZ1) Take US-60 east about 30 miles to mile marker 204 2) Look for a sign and cattle guard on the right, enter here.


Alternate Names: Desert Wells Multiuse Area, Arizona

The facility offers four tracks that consist of a main, moto mini for 65cc-85cc bikes, peewee and vet track. Quads are welcomed to use the vet track whenever open. The property also has some trails however the surrounding land is owned by the city and county where trail riding is prohibited. The police do monitor and there may be consequences for riding out of bounds.

Contact Info:
Sandtown Ranch5 Hastings CircleBatesville, AR 72501(870)

Status: Open

Hours: Year-Round

Entry Cost: $0.00

Type of Area: Track

Type of Land: State trust land

Permit Required: Yes

Spark Arrestor Required: Yes

Noise Limit: Yes (96 db)

Whip Flags Required: Not required

Parking: $0.00

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