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Address and Directions:
Nearest City: Casa Grande, A

From Casa Grande, AZ1) Take I-10 to exit 1902) Turn west off the exit ramp onto McCartney Rd., continue 3.4 miles3) Turn right (north) on SR-93, continue 2 miles4) Turn left (west) on Val Vista Rd., continue 2 miles5) Look for dirt road on the left (directly across from Burns Rd.), enter here.


Alternate Names: Val Vista Boulevard

Some of the trails cross the Hasayampa River at different points. The river flows most of the year and is usually very shallow and narrow but during some seasons it can get particularly wide and deep making it difficult to cross (see photos). It has a bottom of soft sand that will quickly capture you if you don't keep some momentum.

Contact Info:
Macks Pines22816 SR 7 NDover, AZ 72837(479)

Status: Open

Hours: Closed

Entry Cost: $0.00

Type of Area: Track

Type of Land: Privately owned / commercial

Permit Required: Unknown

Spark Arrestor Required: Recommended

Noise Limit: Unknown

Whip Flags Required: Not required

Parking: $0.00

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