Hot Well Dunes

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Address and Directions:
Nearest City: Bowie, A

From Tucson, AZ1) Take I-10 east to town of Bowie (exit 362)2) Follow road 1.8 miles to N. Central Ave.3) Turn left on N. Central Ave., continue 2 miles4) Turn right (east) on Fan Road (you will see a blue sign that says "Hotwell Springs"), continue 8.3 miles5) Turn left (north) on Heckle Road (you will cross a cattleguard and see a BLM sign on the right), continue 8.1 miles 6) Look for main entrance on the right.


Alternate Names: Hackel Rd, San Simon River, Gold Gulch Wash, Starvation Flat, Tanque Rd, San Simon Valley, Bowie

This track at the speedway was sometimes open to quads and motorcycles for practice and racing on select dates and at one point in 2011 there were tentative plans to open the track for motocross practice on select dates. Those plans have fallen through, and although the speedway remains open and hosts various events, the track will be used for professional off road truck racing events only. As of June 2011 there were no plans to host any motocross events. This listing will page remain for historical and informational purposes only.

Contact Info:
Extension 4

Status: Open

Hours: Year-Round

Entry Cost: Yes ($5.00 per person)Adventure Pass Required

Type of Area: Track

Type of Land: Blm

Permit Required: Yes

Spark Arrestor Required: Yes

Noise Limit: Yes (96 db)

Whip Flags Required: Yes (96 inches)

Parking: $0.00

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