Four Peaks

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Address and Directions:
Nearest City: Phoenix, A

From Phoenix, AZ1) Take SR-87 (Beeline Hwy) north about 25 miles2) Turn left (west) on NF-402 (or right on Four Peaks Road)3) Various staging areas are available along the road.


Alternate Names: Sugarloaf Mountain, Rolls OHV Area, Sycamore Creek OHV Area

The trails are usually very dry and dusty but they do wind through some interesting desert vegetation that consist of scrub brush, saguaro and cholla cactuses. The trails eventually go near a small pond which serves a watering hole for some of the local livestock.

Contact Info:
Arizona Game & Fish Department(602)

Status: Open

Hours: Year-Round

Entry Cost: $0.00

Type of Area: Track

Type of Land: National forest

Permit Required: Yes

Spark Arrestor Required: Yes

Noise Limit: Yes (96 db)

Whip Flags Required: Not required

Parking: $0.00

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