Florence Coke Ovens

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Address and Directions:
Nearest City: Mesa, A

From Mesa, AZ1) Take Hwy 60 east to exit 212 (Florence Junction)2) Turn right (south) off the exit ramp onto Hwy 79, continue 5.4 miles3) Look for a cattle guard on the left (east), turn here.For the south entrance staging area4) Continue 9.9 miles5) Turn left (east) on Diversion Dam Road, continue 5.1 miles6) Look for a large flat open area on the left, turn here.


Alternate Names: Martinez Canyon, Box Canyon, Queen Valley, Florence Junction, Walnut Canyon, Ajax Mine, Double Peaks, Mineral Mountain, North Butte, Bell Butte, The Rincon, Gila River, Cottonwood Canyon Road, Diversion Dam Road, Cochran Coke Ovens

This large area has miles and miles of very flat terrain. There are some marked trails, but they are really just smooth wide jeep roads with occasional dips into the sand washes.

Contact Info:
Prescott National Forest - Bradshaw Ranger District344 So. Cortez StreetPrescott, AZ 86303(928) 443-8000dmaneely@fs.fed.uswww.fs.usda.gov

Status: Open

Hours: Year-Round

Entry Cost: Yes ($5.00 per person)Spectator Fee

Type of Area: Track

Type of Land: State trust land

Permit Required: Yes

Spark Arrestor Required: Yes

Noise Limit: Yes (96 db)

Whip Flags Required: Not required

Parking: $0.00

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